Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Bionic Man action figure stood on the edge of the roof,
in the wind.

My sister and I leaned out of our
second story bedroom window
and tried to reach it but we couldn't.

My eyes started to water.

We were two stories up
in a house in Sydney, in Bankstown
or Georges Hall.

I don't know why we
lived there, but we did, for a year
in 1979.

I remember that year,
was the first time I thought
to race a leaf in a gutter
after the rains.

I remember that year
all of a sudden three kids
in the back seat of a car
outside a Women's Hostel
and I didn't know I remembered
that until now.

I remember Fireworks had their own night
in the niddle of the year and the whole street
had a party and the dog from over the road
never left my Mother's side - he loved her
more than his Master. Dogs always did.

And I remember Steve Austin - The Bionic Man
out on the roof of our house and me thinking him lost
and my ten year old sister clambering out on to the tiles
to get him two stories up and my jaw was locked in terror
and my eyes wide shut as I hoped with such might
the she could do it right and carry him back to safety
and in through the window and then she was back
and she had and I held Steve Austin tight and smiled
as my sister grabbed me and said in her toughest voice,
don't tell Mum I went out there or I'll kill you.

And Hell,
for years I always threatened to,
but I never did.

Happy Birthday, Sis.


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