Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I went to this party
that Popularity was hosting.

Everyone was there.

I stood in the doorway for a while
and looked around to see if there
was anyone I knew,
anyone I could talk to while I waited
for Popularity to notice me.

Of course,
the first person I saw was Debauchery.
Pants down and flapping
a sail escaped from its mast.

I smiled politely and stuck to the walls,
stuck to the outside where I could see inward
and try to remain unnoticed.

Honesty was there, I saw,
sitting quietly on the couch.
You look like shit, she said,
you should fucking eat more, Matty.

Goddamn Honesty.

I spent an hour or so
with Shy
but there was something missing,
something wasn't right.
I didn't feel right.

Eventually Popularity came over
and said, Hi! Didn't see you there

And he clapped his hands and
made a fucking scene and I could
hear him shout,
Everybody, attention please!
This here is my good friend...

but he turned around and I was long gone,
out the door
onto the street
into the rain
and cold and memories
walking hand
in hand
with my old and trusted friend

1 comment:

  1. K is for Kranki who died of ennui.

    Miss you bro. Send me a wristband or something.

    I liked this post. It was like post modern prositry.