Saturday, May 17, 2008


Did you kill that boy in High School?

Were you the final blow that shattered his
brittle heart?

when you were afraid to be outcast
and branded, the other side of the line
and so as he walked past you and they
dared you and
watched as you ran and pushed him over
and felt your knee hit the soft flesh of
his thigh
as he cried
out, why?

And they laughed but didn't understand
that you had just played a hand
in his death - six months later he hung himself
and you walked alone by the river that day
and you thought, Mathew, that you were crying
for him, but you were really crying for yourself.

Crying for The Devil inside
which you try to hide
for the rest of your life
though you wear his mark
upon your cheek
for all to see
you murdered the

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