Sunday, May 18, 2008


I will be the savage sea,
the murderer of souls,
swallowed whole those
memories to drown
down from the dark
a spark of starlight
as a new dawn fades.

And I will be the lover
luna mother
silver tongued and
distant, ruler of tides
and your broken insides
are reflected in mine
and I'll play your tune
my Man of the Moon.

And you?
You, I spit -
Your cock the rock
to smash the siren's
dock that no more men
may sight again the bitter
hope of land ahoy or the
melodic joy of their
oral pleasures,
you, I spit
a fate far worse than
lonely curse
could hope to damn
half man
of inaction
you small bouy
afloat a sea too
small for me
and too large for two
this ocean I once cried
for us
which now I leave
for you.

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