Sunday, May 11, 2008


I've owned the one porno video for twenty years.

It's like an old friend.

And whenever I move house
or clean my room,
I think,
I'll throw it away
I don't even watch it.
but something will stop
me and I'll bury it beneath
the rubble and forget about it
until I'm lonely and cold
and the middle of the night
keeps whispering to me
poems and songs
and rights and wrongs
and i'll turn before i toss
and stick it in and watch
the faces I remember from
so many viewings and
the In Jokes I tell
like the one about the scene
where the long haired man
keeps whispering to the lady who
is otherwise occupied,
he doesn't join in
he just stands beside her, whispering
and I don't know what he is saying
and I always wonder - but gee
look at him -
i'm glad he doesn't join in.

And the other scene,
there's a man on the couch
watching television
ignoring his wife who is
on the bed staring out the window
at the gardener or the pool boy
or handyman with his handy hands
and she smiles through the glass
and he walks toward her and
the screen fades to black and
then fades back
to see the wife and he
in savage glee and skin and cum
yeah now baby, that's the one
while on the couch the husband is
bound and gagged and forced to watch
a sad affair

and in the middle of the night
I lie awake and think of him
and wonder,

did he get to have sex later?
I hope so.

And sometimes I think that's funny.

And sometimes I think


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