Wednesday, June 25, 2008


There's a little lake in this valley surrounded by trees.

Some ducks live there. Some people too, but more ducks than people.

If you walk around the lake you get to this bridge and if you cross the bridge then you get to this house and in the house is where I sit most of the time, waiting for strangers like you.

You'll know when you're getting close because you'll smell fresh bread or maybe scones though I was never one for cooking a good scone, more one for eating it. Still, you'll smell something when you come by and I guarantee it'll be good. If you want to pick up some wine then that'll be okay with me.

There's a porch we can sit on, it's pretty good for sitting, and you can see the lake and the ducks and you don't have to stretch your neck or anything. It's just there. And in the mornings, in winter mostly, the fog thickens out over the water and tries to make it up the hill to cover my house but it only ever makes it to the porch. And it's like they kiss. The fog and the porch. Kiss each other good morning and then go about their own business.

Usually I'll have a fire going.

And I'll sit at my desk and you'll go through my papers and ask me, what's this? And I'll say, that's my book, and you'll say, can I read it?

Yes, I'll say. Yes, you can. After lunch.

I'll look at your legs the way they swing off the desk and you'll see me looking and we'll both smile and if I'm lucky you'll wink at me and say,

Yes. Yes, you can. After lunch.

You might stay a few days. I guess you've got things to do back in the city, ladders to climb, ambitions, social occasions and what not.

Anyway, I'll be here if you want to come back.

I'll watch the way you move when you walk away, back down over the bridge and past the lake and I'll think, you're so beautiful, and I'll think, maybe next time...

And I'll scratch the dog behind the ear as you disappear. And the cold nose of the dog will bring me back to life. And I'll put some more wood on the fire, and maybe boil the kettle, and set myself back down at the desk.

See, what I'm trying to do is write a book so magical, that you will never want to leave me again.

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