Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Nick: Mangarook.

Me: Mangarook.

(this is a normal conversation at my house)

Me: So how was your day off?

Nick: Actually, I had to work.

Me: Oh. Bugger.

Nick: Yeah. And I burned my hand.

Me: Oh. Bugger.

Nick: Yeah. I burned my hand on a printer.

Me: On a printer? How do that for?

Nick: Well, it's like a Fax Machine. It's on all the time. And I was printing something.

Me: Yes. Go on. (Shit, I ate all the tim tams last night)

Nick: I was printing something and the printer said - cartridge empty, so I stuck my hand in to see if I could feel the cartridge.

Me: Must be some sort of chocolate here somewhere.

Nick: And I was feeling around for the cartridge and then all of a sudden, ow, it was hot.

Me: Maybe I'll just make a muffin. Do we have any vegemite?

Nick: Yeah it really burned. I wonder what was so hot in there. Guess it was the cartridge. Anyway, now I know how those Bali Bombing Victims must have felt.

Me: Sorry, what?

Nick: I said, I can really empathise with those Bali Bombing Victims now.


[looks to camera]

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