Thursday, October 2, 2008


There's a glass jar
on my verandah
and in it -
all these rocks
that we found that day
in Mallacoota.

Oh god,
I was so excited
when I saw the dolphins
swimming off the shore
I ran so fast
a little goat
over the rocks

And there was a thunderstorm
out past the heads

I guess
there always was, wasn't there?

Dark clouds as thoughts
which hung above us
and grumbled every time
we forgot
to be sad
and it was so easy
out there
you and me
by the sea
if that was some sort of sacred
rock formation
and let's climb here
walk there
do nothing
let's do nothing
and yes, I want to kiss you
but shall we get fish n' chips first?

and I was so
old man
as I watched you
jump the waves
telling you not to go in too deep
it's a dangerous rip here
please stay close
you ran
please don't go too far
I was afraid
you might get taken away
I shouted
"you might get taken away into the sea."

And you laughed at me
as you lifted your shirt
over your head.

Who cares! You cried.

I belong in the sea!

That's what you said,
you pointed out to her
and spun and cried out -

I belong IN THE SEA!

And God
it's so true.

You really bloody do.

You really do.

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