Friday, October 10, 2008


How many days have come and gone, matty, in the light or behind the shades, drowning in the golden goblet of right now, the bottom of this drink, the reflection of yourself in the glasses of your friends, the sun leaving, apologetic and you're sad to see her go until the night appears, the troublemaker, with a twinkle in its eye.

And yes it's about the booze, and sure I'll have one if you're having one, but it's not, it's about us, all of us just filling the gaps, that hunger eternal in ourselves, just for a day, just for today, we're all in this together, I love you, god, tell that story again, I never tire of it, and we laughed didn't we, hey it's, and that's guy's pants and you know I'm always here, and let's never end, let the day never come let's all run, around the world, with the spin, ahead of tomorrow, today today today, god, please, as though we all go home together, as family, as though you won't walk away from me as the doors close as though as the taxis flee and the wind drops rubbish at my feet and the only thing left is either sex or violence and it's a cold, sad world again and I'll do anything to not be striding in the shadows, wondering why, thoughts as flies, or maggots and lies, a dirty disguise on the long walk home


So pour me another.

Pour me one for my brothers and one for lost lovers, my beaten dead mother could do with another and all of our troubles can go and get smothered in whisky and music and death cigarettes, my soul is a shadow, but why I forget, you have a new man, new car, new life, troubles with money, in love with your wife? Come dance the taps with men just like me, who'll drink you an ear that will not close 'til 3 and we'll pretend that the murmur of the drunks is the sea

and you can believe

that your true hope is me.

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