Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Alison Carr never let me say what was on my mind. She was always first to speak and last to shut the fuck up. It used to drive me crazy. I'd wait for a gap in her trap tappity tap ribbon of dribble to appear, but it never would. So I'd just zone out and stare at her and hate her stinking fucking guts. I guess that's why I killed her. Fucking cunt. I can still hear her voice at night sometimes when I'm awake. Wa wa wa wah. Tap tappity tap. I'm thinking about digging her up and breaking her jaw in half. Dropping one half of it into the ocean somewhere. Somewhere deep. But you know what? I don't think that would shut her up. I think she's going to haunt me as long as I live.
Yeah well, her and all my other friends.
I fucking hate them.
Greg Stoneham, yeah, I can almost handle him sometimes. Because he's quiet, you know? He likes driving, like I do, just sitting and holding the car in your hands and getting out, getting out, and if we talk it's like, pointing at a mountain, or laughing about what it would be like to be chased. And it wouldn't matter to us because at least, I don't know, at least we'd be in control.
I reckon I'd be pretty good in a car chase. I reckon I'd be pretty good in a lot of situations.
Anyway the only thing I fucking hate about Greg fucking Stoneham is that he's always burping and farting and blowing his nose. And you know what, when you're taking a drive out to the beach and you're looking for some piece and quiet and some fresh air, and you want to get away from the voices of all your friends that ring constantly in your fucken head then the last fucking thing you fucking want is some fucking retard who constantly fucking stinks up your fucking car with a crap load of fucking nose juju and stink and I just want to grab him by the fucking hair and smash his stupid face into the dashboard and kick him out the fucking door.
Greg Stoneham. I guess he's one of the better ones. I don't know anymore."
I light up a smoke and look at the doctor's stupid face. He looks exactly like Greg Stoneham.
Boy that makes me laugh. I fucking laugh and laugh and laugh and he just sits there staring at me and sweating and writing some shit about me and he thinks I'm fucking crazy but he doesn't see.
I'm the one that's free.
I'm the one that's free.
I'm the one that's free.

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