Thursday, December 18, 2008


There are spirits you know,
he said to me,
in the trees
which make the leaves
and I smiled
and stared upward
and replied,
I can see them!

We were walking
in a magic place
welcomed by
the gentle upward
slope of the earth
our feet in the mud
my scarf protecting me
as the devilish wind spirit
dashed excitedly around us.

From time to time
the sun would cut through
the canopy
and the path would be lighted
gold and in those minutes
the wind would silence
as if telling me to pay attention
to the importance of this
one moment.

I could hear rushing water
and I giggled as I asked,
is there a river spirit too?

He just smiled.

We walked and I breathed
and the cool air stayed inside me
protecting my memories
in a soft mist of melancholy

And I turned to face him
but he was gone
faded now
my imaginary mentor
the Spirit
of my future self
yet I was not afraid
not here
in this oh so real
of the past.

I kept walking
toward the water
fed from the mountains
and we

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