Monday, December 8, 2008


I hold
the calligrapher's pen
over the blank
of paper.

Nothing comes.

Which makes
me smile
the only smile
I have at the moment.

It is not bitter
or sad

I don't know
what it is

but it is no longer
a whole smile.

I use it
as I gently
dip the pen
into the ink
and write:

What I'm trying to do
is unlearn
everything I know
in order
to become
a new beginning.

Then I take the paper
and hang it up to dry
and another day comes.

Maybe today
my whole smile
will return.

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  1. iv been following your writing for some time now.. iv read every blog entry but never left a comment..


    i'm a fan and your style reminds some of Charles Bukowski..

    my name is Cyrus.. i would love to have your email address so i might talk with you... err ya write : )

    my email is

    thanks for being an inspiration sheriff