Saturday, December 13, 2008


Slim legged cobblestones
and cool blue
whispers and dirty
alleyways as I walk
unseen in cigarette fire
an incinerated doll - long
stretched and greaser
skin, ripped red, the crabs
in their eyes
tooth and claw
and red light carpets
well worn sweaty backs
a scrapping salivating
blistering boiling fire
a hold on tight
a haunted hotel
rapid conversation
stripped wood and
whiskey fog and blurred
visions, The Past
a haunted nest of dreams
crawling with spiders
a hypnotic rhythm
a disguise, a forgotten future
the cracked green
and filthy glass
knives on our fingers
old wooden stairs
painting and crying
the whole scene is blue
I'm caked in lust
all I see is you.

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