Saturday, December 20, 2008


Some days
I don't masturbate
in the morning
because I want
to carry that edge
all through the day,
he says to his friend.

I take a drink.

Edge, his friend says,
it gives you an edge?

I'm faster,
he says,
like I've got purpose
you know
if I catch a beat
in the morning
then it's like I'm
already satisified
with the day
like I dont need
to do anything else
I'm like a lizard in the sun
but if I keep it pinched in
if it stays inside me
then I'm a fucking dynamo
I want the world
I want money
I want power
I want women.

He takes a drink
and slams down the empty glass
as if to show his friend
that his virility levels
are currently
at an "edgy" state
as he asks
what about you?

His friend
seems more philosophical.

I dont know, man
I just do it 'cause it
feels good. I don't really
think about it after that.

I smile and
notice my friend arrive
and walk over to the grass.

We wave to each other.

It's a fine day.

1 comment:

  1. I like to "tread water" all day. Start off the day with a floaty but don't quite bust it 'till I'm ready to sleep at night. All day arousal.
    I am also a member of the mile high solo adventurer's club.