Thursday, January 8, 2009


  1. Not all moments in poetry create pleasure. Sometimes, they bring pleasure and pain together in a compelling moment of poignance.


    Keep It up Matty : )


  2. 'tis true.

    Still, I should never swear at the rain.

  3. Rain and wind spoke to me one night, plainly with a tongue that only makes noise if beating on something, words spoken in a vernacular sometimes foreign to me.

    this night wind was its alligh.

    Wind took me by the shirt and rain beat my face and body until i listened with ears anew.

    they said in unison, Bless them that curse us.

    then one after another told me

    first rain as wind died down for a moment:

    i will continue to rain and teach and stimulate a growth that someday they will understand.

    Then wind building up again:

    and i will continue to blow and move seed and cloud and earth and sea, because you might curse me now, but if i left you would surly all die, and i love you as all elements do.

    i understood that they could have just killed me as they have so many, but that day i just got a lesson, sometimes it takes a beating in to make a lesson sink just so.

    i was hoping that dark would speak to me that night, but its seems hes with a lack of light..

    Cheesy Cy, duh i know i am you.. "fuckwit"