Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Tonight I drank
a good mood
a fine wine
its zest and fancy
my toes talked
of different tears
dancing down my grinning face
white light to colours
the bright side
of the moon
where alien feelings
content and serene
turned sadness green
beneath a sky
smothered in rare memories
of when we were innocent
and hopeful
running through the dusty corridors
of yesterday's yesterday
and further along still
to an old green door
where we sang songs
that yet evoke
the touching excitement
melodies and lyrics
which lifted us out
of dreary poverty
violence and despair
into bright summer mornings
posters on the wall
twenty in my pocket
a brand new cassette
or weekends away
with smiles on our faces
or even
brand new laces
on brand new shoes
a sigh
a cry!
oh god we can fly
still, I promise
I do
that those things
we lose
can always
be found again.

I promise.
I do.

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