Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'll sit here until I know.

Used to be
I was never afraid
of all the twists
and turns
instead what I did was
I used The Devil
in me
the one who yearns
for movement
- homesick for
fire? -
to smokescreen
all doubt
and blinded
I'd run from one
maniacal adventure
to the next.

So do I do that
knowing what The Devil
in me
is capable of
knowing that
there are no
once he is free?

Or does he die
and with him


Things ain't all that, but it's a smoke day, a burger day, so that's all. What I'm trying to do is, I'm trying to ask the same question of everyone I trust, or don't, and find out their opinion of my mad impulsive plan.

I mean, if you'd spent ten years in the same suburb, wouldn't you go mad?

But to sell your life in pursuit of The Unknown - well, doesn't that just happen in books?

Who would be mad enough to do that in real life?


  1. i know a woman in her early 40's who sold up and moved from Western Australia to Melbourne, just so that she could see a particular band play more often.

    of course - some people think she is a bit of a stalker.

    erm ... and i am not talking about myself. Tho i did consider doing the same thing :) I don't like the cold.

  2. haha. yea who would be that mad.

  3. yeah, that'd be crazy. who'd up and leave to pitch camp by a fern glutted, pine scented waterfall? nuts. flagrantly insane to set up mic and sing by the salted marshes. utter madness.