Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Now that's the way to say Goodbye.

A belly full of lasagne. My mum in a small wooden box at the end of the table, with a glass of wine beside her. Memories and tears, but more like laughter and Foreigner and Lennon and Monty Python and one bright star in the sky on a warm Spring evening which winks and shimmers the way all beautiful and true spirits do.

And Confidence now. Confidence in these days, in the way we live. Confidence in the way That Passionate Fire has been Tamed, for now, and the Happiness which has been your Muse, now that Their Muse is Old Muse.

And there's a Toast, to Mine and Yours, and all they mean - which is Pure and Unadulterated Love.

And a Toast to Us, and all we mean - Which is Inspiration, a Grin and the Next Step Forward™.

So, okay, let's finally move on.

Let's move on.

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