Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm shy of this Wave of Euphoria which has hurried me on towards The End. Or more to the point - The Beginning. But if I can remain humble, I feel as though it has a chance. Though Happy and Humble are two pieces of a different quiche, when you can't help but be wary of Feeling Good TM. Anyways, I do believe That Time has passed, enough for me to remember back perhaps seven years, when I last felt the World At My Feet, and a blissful and pure freedom whereby every dream was simply a wish away. What a wonderful feeling that is. Avoid the negativity which plagues so many and simply put the faith back where it belongs, in your heart, on your sleeve. That's what got me through this year. That and the friends I'd made, simply by being open about just how much it all hurt my soul.

And now, Fancy Pants, now I plan to Smile For Real, to Open Up For Real, to not be ashamed of my Outlaw Heart and Country Home Soul. They can live together, I have always had them, living together. And it is only when I do not listen, that things begin to turn.

And now, behind the Wayfarers, I'm dreaming. I won't lie. It's a dream of such Pure Madness, that to even admit it to myself is a reason to bow my head and blush. Kick the dirt and mumble an exit. Raise one arm behind the neck and excuse myself, I've got to go. Where? Just, away. I've got to be alone with my dream, my insane notions and Fairy Tales, because Alone, they can bloom, they can Grow a Garden such as you've never seen. And maybe that's okay, to live alone in a Garden of Dreams. At least for a little while. And who knows, these days of impossible possibilities, that garden may just break the walls that confine it in phantasm, and outward, upward, it may even...it may even...

Well, maybe you get it, and maybe you don't. I'm kind of guessing you do.
That's why we all like each other, no?

Everyone has been amazing.

I can't tell you how Lucky I am.


  1. Bon voyage mon petit pamplemousse.

    C'etait un bonne idee; aller a la belle France.

    J'espere que tu seras le plus mieux bon vacance et les plus grands experiences.

    Est-ce que tu excuse mon pauvre Francais. Mon coeur est dans la place exacte. La place droite. La place correct.

    (J'ai bois du champagne et du vin ce soir. C'est mon anniversaire! Je m'excuse cheri!)

    Bon chance! C'est la vie. La cigalle ayant chante! Je voudrais que tu ecriver tout les histoires quand tu reviens.

    Mon dieu. Mon dieu. C'est tragique. Cette langue est trop pathetique.

    Gros bissoux.


  2. Desole, je ne comprends pas francais.




  3. And what on earth is a pamplemouse?

  4. mange toute, Rodney, mange toute

  5. A pamplemousse is a grapefruit.

    I don't speak French very well, as anyone who actually does speak it would be able to point out.

    I'm just waiting for sublime to point it out.