Sunday, May 2, 2010


Down the snake
to stretch the skinned
which may yet be
proved too heavy in scale
for Hope's sweet
light up
in palm
in unacknowledged quiet
down the snake
a soft, salt peace
breathes on skin
let me in
let me in
I can see Time's
shifting foundations
force cracks
in this dreamy veneer
until Reality blurs into clouds
which swim in schools
across the vast blue sky
as shy
as shifting eyes
and hidden heart.

Next the sky was pink,
a single star, as the sun bowed
and left the stage for
rising moon
and was it her who forced the night to blush
as I
her close confessions a silver web
with which to darn a damsel's dress
a classic beauty
to inspire
the white armies below
who having charged tirelessly for eons
for but a single inch
of Earth
find new valour
in the sight
of her indecision.

I stand involuntarily
to attention in every moment.

What we see
out there
 that horizon
sometimes so distant
(then close, then distant)
this battle may be never ending
I surrender before
red cliffs

this most beautiful


When I was little, I always watched the rain drops race down the side of the window, and tried to work out which one would reach the bottom first.

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