Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Third Reiki.

I can see our souls as Dragons. All of Us. Swimming, spinning, singing, across Everything, forever. That's where it begins. In the Dark Everything, where I can let my wishes free, and Soul Questions are carried by messengers into the ether, with The Answers vibrating silver like slow bells which echo calm and gentle as they approach me, illuminate me, though no answer is Stone. Rather Light. Colour controlled, yes, no, maybe, and rejected answers merely burst into stars, and twist and twinkle their way back over the horizon, to form new questions.

There is an Eagle. I am not sure of its significance.

And -

She is here, my Soul Half, My Other. And giggling we dive into the ocean, where so many of my fears lie, live, breathe. I become shy, my shoulders hunch as we swim through the water. But we are Pure Thought and Love, so with Her help I find ways to dispel the fears. Deeper, deeper, deeper into dark.
At first I think - No up - no down.
And then a voice, my voice, "even under all this water, there is Earth"
- I feel safer.
A monstrous growth spewing from the Below. A volcano of Dark Weed. Twisted and Trunked as an ancient and angry tree. This is where the fears are. I am unsure. I pause in the water.
I look for Her and

she is not gone

laughing and waving me forward

as together we approach the Growth Tree (I say that word and make the connection)  and I begin to see,

the fear of Green, of just Not Knowing - it looked untsable here
how soft it is, and gentle, and there are places to sleep,
and places to giggle, and we dance, dazzle, twist and tickle - here -where
The Fear was strongest
 and as

I think that it all turns

Orange and
Calm (the beauty in Everything)

and I wake up


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