Sunday, July 25, 2010


How can I say anything to someone who talks of loneliness, cocaine decisions, drinking too much, parties, people, endless possibilities, networking, being Busy TM.

I cannot. I have lived that life.

I can worry, but Let Go. Though the ache is deep.

I can hold you when you cry, at least for this one night.

I can wish you every happiness, though my face may seem to say otherwise.

I can look, and I can see a Goodbye. This heart, stretched thin over the sky, can no longer catch this Little Burning Star. But if there is a way to find Real Love, with no questions, without pain, then I will try.

I remember the country air, never the city lights.
I cry for the air in our hair, never the drink in our hand.

I see the Deep Inner, never the Outer.

I dream, of a Best Friend, come to find me -

and here to stay.

Please take care of yourself
you burn, Little Star, you burn. xxx


And now, as unattractive as a guy who stays home working hard is, it's time to get excited about things again. Life stuff. Future stuff. Wide open heart stuff.

It doesn't change things. Things just are.


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