Thursday, July 29, 2010

Late Night at Large Red.

Battle, sigh, retreat, work, write, write, write, focus, never stop dreaming, plan, work, focus, write, believe, believe, believe - and don't ever let the Zombies get to you.

Winter's a tough time for self-belief. But with 6 months of Doing Right TM behind, it's not as hard to dig deep as it once was.

I know what's in my head, heart and soul. It may not show, it may be miles from being realised, but I know it's there.

I have to believe that.

Everyone is everyone else. A person can spend years lost in what everyone does. The battle is keeping it within. Using what you have, not what you think others have. Knowing that loneliness is joy, when it brings each goal closer. Two people have said they feel better after talking to me. I always just feel dislocated. I am not understood a lot of the time. My face paints a different picture, my words slug with thought, but things take time to digest with me. Anyway - this is it, isn't it. It's nice that people feel nice, let's try and do that. The cut is barely an issue now, I just want to Time Jump TM out of this winter, onto a plane, onto a stage and into Tomorrow.The plan was always to hide until it got Great. It's not Great yet. it's barely good. But if I sit and breathe for just one brief moment and look back, then it's been a healthy climb already.

And it's okay, at the waystation.

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