Monday, July 19, 2010

Night Moves.

If you stand in the cold, dark night, you might get lonely, but with loneliness comes something wonderful. Clarity. Freedom. You have not cast aside Determination for Fantasy. If The Kids TM believe they have found a peace, if they have clearly discussed the Past, Present and Future and believe in themselves and what they have is Real (cough, sorry, had a little something in there...I, what matter? The Stars! The Glorious Stars! When they return they will burn it all down, A Supernova, an End, a Rebirth, cycle upon cycle, with the constant being an incredible, adventurous search for and of Self.

I mean, this is some pretty fucked up shit, right here.
And a lot of people are echoing that thought.

But it's a crazy world, and Life keeps on comin',
bringing ills, thrills and this here weird chill.

But -

This chill is not morose, maudlin - there is no sentiment of regret.
This chill is an awakening, four, no seven, years of shackles.

And for once, what never was - Purpose.
Because yesterday when you thought to find grief - you found only determination.
And the tears which danced upon the light of the stars, were tears of mirth, relief and gratitude.
And the word that always falls from your mouth,
when the Angels point you out amongst all This Flux
and give you the greatest gift of all -


Oh the word, the word,

the simple word you only hear from the Real Ones:


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