Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I had to get it right last night. It's important now, every step, every thought, and I assure you, the thoughts are as common as flirting ash, sent spinning into the dismissive night. Or like the depths, I cannot breathe, need somewhere to be calm, need somewhere that helps me understand - (yes, Mathew, the bath) - and in there I can stop, gently remove each thread until only my own remains. Desire is a dangerous distraction, my desire for reward, not touch, no, this desire is like everything now - work, work, work, The Path, The Path, The Path...

and all that other, which Others find so easily...


it ain't nothin' right?

Not for now anyway.

Not until the 4am Search when mind and heart try so hard to stretch out over the earth and call into the Never.

But one day.

(thanks, Hollywood - borrowed it)

The answer is easy. Stay calm. Live in peace. Forever forward.

Keep on truckin'

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