Monday, September 27, 2010

Freezer Birds.

Do you like to break the rules
of The Modern World?
The Modern World?
Or do you like to hide under
feather light words
that ignite and burn,
as soon as you turn
into a Bird - you know -
come for You.

Do you try
to hide yourself
from The Modern World?
Or would you like
a poster sized
and stabilised girl
to keep for yourself
knowing as soon as she turned
into a Bird -
she would leave

But I'll hear your call
I promise I will -
If I hear at all...

Would you like to
break some Rules
of The Modern World,
oh my Modern Girl?
Or should we try
to find the words
that ignite and burn
our own Little World?
And as soon as we turn
into Birds
we will fly...

True, True, True!

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