Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Conversation on Wall St.

He said
don't come easily
to a Man
as obsessed as Me
with the way I can die
in the blink of an eye
if the numbers go down
and I jump out and fly.

He said
all you want at me
it's your kind
that will ruin me
with your dirty long hair
and your "I just don't care"
but The Truth of The World
is that I pay your share

and when I'm broke
I'll let you know.

I said
take a long hard breath
on that Gold
expensive cigarette,
I'm a Man just like You
I'm greedy right through
and if you cut me I bleed
and I don't bleed Blue.

But there's
for the worst of Us
if we can
only follow Love
and if we never try
then this world will die
a cold blooded death
drowned in numbers and lies

so when I'm broke
I just let go.
yes I'm broke
but I've just let go...

we sat
in silence and regret
as we thought of it -
the things that we had lost
the things we had learned
and the things that had passed
while our hearts had burned
and in time
he smiled at me
as we shared
another drink or three
we were brothers in arms
in that late night bar
sharing the dream
that a man can go far
though he's broke

and has let it all go.

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