Monday, January 24, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors.

It's sunset and Ilana and I hold hands as Zebra plays and the first stars appear and the sounds and the wind and the smell of pot all drench the scene in teenage dreams and there's JC and there's Lyly and an older couple are in front of us leaning against each other in tender surrender as I tell my friend - Shit, Laney, if someone were to Love me right now I'd explode with joy, I'd contort into rainbows and become one of those stars and that would be it for me, I'd be gone...She smiles, and it's enough, more than enough, to be beside such a friend, and you can probably see it in these words, this shift, building for so long, and finally carrying me upon long forgotten feathers of freedom and glee. And I do miss Love, I miss Love, but at the same time, I am surrounded by it, more than ever before, so much so that I sometimes need to sit alone and bring myself back to Earth, unused to everything being so...

I can't talk about it.

Besides, it was focus that made this all happen, and with four months to go until The New World, it's focus I need the most.

But...these rainbows -

They sure can make a man giddy...

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