Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've become addicted to educating myself. To finding stories behind stories. To questioning what is fed to the zombies. And in this Age, it's terrifying how much information and misinformation is accessible to Us. And it's easy to run screaming, and it's easy to hide, and it's easy to just go with the line. Get your coffee. Ignore the helicopters. Don't think about Bahrain. Don't even consider the Akira Event. If you download US Air Force documents about HAARP - be prepared for...


What's difficult, drowning in the Darkness, is to change the language with which you talk to yourself. Your internal articulation. But it's possible, if you are vigilant, to call these times - The Beginning of Days, rather than The End. It's possible to remember to believe in Light. To both educate yourself AND hold perspective close. Remember, Matty?

We are STARS. The Plan. Each microcosm a Universe unto itself.

Education to expand Understanding.
And to show them they can't get away with it.
That they ain't all that.
That Truth always comes out.

Perspective to survive the Black Hole.

All of this to Nothing
for all time.

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