Wednesday, March 16, 2011

News Desk.

If you're interested, what's happening here is Anonymous releasing Bank of America documents which to cut a long story short, expose the Truths we are all already subconsciously aware of. That banks lend money and then control interest rates specifically so that home owners cannot afford to repay. In this way they are taking more and more from people who are struggling. This is a First World problem. The economic collapses we are seeing are being engineered. It's fucking amazing. It's insidious.

The releases are here

Oh, more?

Here is a video of an innocent Bahrainian Demonstrator being shot in the head by Security Forces. This is not a theory of War being raged for Oil. Nor is it taken from a biased News Source. Anonymous allows the distribution of images and video, direct from the source. So we, The People, can decide what is Truth for ourselves. Click here if you dare.

Wake up.

There are things afoot.

But Love, always.

Love as it is the the only Hope.

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