Monday, June 13, 2011


Silence as I float out on the lake. Silence under the water, silence in my soul. Blue fades to orange over lush green as the sun yawns, patient and considered in its descent. Smoke mysteries across the glass. Birds gossip as they watch my alien frame climb out of the water. The mosquitos quench themselves on us, but standing in this idyllic frame we let them drink as though it be their final feast. Everything is gentle when lit under this delicate midnight sun. Here we sing songs. The locals close their eyes and applaud in humble volume as not to break the evening spell. And when I stare out the window on the way back to the city, I see more trees, more lakes, more valleys, more beauty, and my soul, so hungry for his, so ready, inhales scene after serene scene and I am inspired to remain this free forever.

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