Saturday, July 30, 2011

Postcard from Brooklyn.

Such a life that has been created. Hyper real, a constant dream which trembles in the blistering heat of the air and shivers in passionate determination. I am truly out to sea now, these weeks the tough call, where we pray that our little Brooklyn shoebox is built of analogy - an escape, just there, just outside the window.

In four weeks time we will be back in Copenhagen and I will be in the moment I have worked almost two years to reach. Work that has brought me my wife, a family of friends, countless adventures and sorrows, all building to a window, 8 days in length, to do what I do the best I can do it.

Then we wait - and watch the next moment come.

So here I sit, staring out at the escape.

And the heat presses itself hard at our window.

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