Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 1.

I set out three years ago on a musical journey. Everything that has happened since then has been because of my guitar. Or the relationship between the guitar and myself. Family and friends made in many, many countries of the world. Places I had never dreamed of visiting.

It was an education I set out to immerse myself in.

But it has never been without direction.

This year will be the year I complete my training and make something special.

I feel it. The Universe feels right.

I will write a sporadic diary.

This is Day 1.

I am sitting in the most incredible house. A dream come true. A country house in the city with a giant jacaranda in the yard, an oversize cat, a farmhouse kitchen and a music studio.

My job lasts until May 23 and in that time I have to decide where to record, though I am leaning toward Copenhagen where my brothers live.

I have the pencil sketches of the first 5 songs.


The horse 
sacrifices itself
in order 
for us 
to feel free.

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