Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Sad Minotaur.

Zeus gave the King a bull to sacrifice, I don't know why. Things like that happened back then. Anyways, the King was greedy for this special bull and attempted to trick Zeus by sacrificing a different animal. Zeus was angry. And so to take his revenge on the King he made the King's wife sexually attracted to the special God-Bull. At which point the writer, me, starts to wonder why the fuck he is writing this down in the first place, oh yes, I remember. The Queen and the Bull make passionate love, as the bull was quite horny, cough, they meat and make passionate love and send the King into a blind rage. "What's your beef?" The bull asks, and "Yeah man, don't have a cow", the Queen adds, but this only serves to enrage the King further and he murders the Bull as he should have fucking done in the first place. The Queen falls pregnant. The earth is still. The King paces in fury. The heaven's wait, and nine months later a boy is born with the head of a bull. He is the minotaur. The King goes mad and builds a maze beneath his castle from which the minoatur can never escape. And people are afraid. Of the monster in the maze. But really, heis just a sad, little boy, trapped in a maze built by his step father, who raged and angered against his mother's love.


Time to stop writing poetry. Time to bring it back a few years to the sentences which never stop, which trip, delight and stumble over little punctuated creeks and squish face first against solid walls! Like that. Time to stop writing poetry. Time to stop wrting at all, until I can write the truths of things again, the tales of what has been and where I'm going and maybe together we can work out just how the fuck to get there.


I've made the wrong decisions, for what I thought were the right reasons.
Now, I want to make the right decisions, for whatever reasons.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

My family
built this place
together, you know
been here since
before the Great
War, my Grandfather's
Father cleared these
paddocks, calloused
hands and an axe
that's all it bloody
took, honest work
and a place
t' drink
at the end
of the day
and look at it now
good people punished
an Act of God
you say
well he better
bloody stand back
the mongrel
'fore I wave my fist
and shout
took my two brothers
in Normandy
my son in Vietnam
and three
innocent grand children
tiny kids you bastard
2, 4 and 7
afraid and burnin'


got halfway
down the track when
I realised I'd forgotten
the bloody dog
had to go back
didn't I
she was there
under the porch
ran straight to me
but we both knew
it was too late
the sky was thick
and the heat, mate
I sprayed her with a hose
and told her
get under, dog
and she did
with a look
as I climbed
up the roof
hose in hand
to spray the serpent
The Devil himself
in the eye
piss off, ya bastard
piss off, would ya
and wouldn't you know it
the prick
heard me
stopped at the fence
turned and
ran a yellow
backed coward

gone, all gone

and here and there
the souls of the dead
live in the eyes of the living
the wing of the moth
crumbling with a tender

maybe a spark
will jump the lines
in the unified heart
of a sun blistered
take my hand, brother
we will stand together
and I will
listen as

she was my
you know
fifty five years
would've been
that night
at the dance
red haired just like...
and a temperament to match
I tell ya
I just knew
first time she
I coulda sworn
me heart
then and there
and the air was
like stardust
sprinkled silver
real magic
my Love
a true blue sheila
through it all
and now
and he's
and it's
this whole damn place
every memory
in the ashes
somewhere under this
and if I can just find
one, mate
one bloody piece
of yesterday
to grip tight
in these wrinkled
and useless
then who knows
I might cry
a river
to douse
this damned

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I like how
my two favourite things