Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There's so much room to breathe here in Berlin. I didn't expect that. It's like Paris, but without the weight and peacoque expectation of beauty. There's an emptiness which exists as a perfect palette upon which to create. The streets are quiet. People move almost as ghosts, as though to draw attention would be to break the spell. I roll a cigarette and stand on the balcony and I can see beautiful apartment buildings hunched beside post-war brutalist blocks and everything just fits. I can hear birds singing at dusk.

This is my life now. I will never turn back. I have a background in normality. As normal as all that ever was. Tomorrow the travelling, the playing, the work, the joy of walking my own path begins. I clean the blood off the guitar, caked and black from last week's goodbye. I make hand made CDs to sell as I go. I stay home, happy to be alone, drinking tea and quiet. I drink the quiet. I can't remember the last time I did that. I sit by myself, happy in a room with tall ceilings and a high lamp, though I am never alone these days. A happy thought synched with the buzzing of my phone. Oh, hello. Not long. I'm on my way. Just got to go through Europe to get there.

Life has sure taken a turn. I have begun to learn the Art of Happiness.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's do this thing.

The FOR LOVE AND MAYHEM TOUR 2011 hits Northern Europe this May, June and July. Expect songs of bruised romance and death-defying emotion in great live shows from WASP SUMMER AND WATER MUSIC.

If you want to come to the house concerts, email for details.

Thursday, May 26 Joe's Bar, Berlin DE
Friday, May 27 Des Geiger's Rätsel, Leipzig DE
Saturday, May 28 Die Buchbar, Dresden DE
Sunday, May 29 Musik Nonstop, Dresden (1:00-2:00)
Sunday, May 29 Veränderbar, Dresden DE
Friday, June 03 Sofa Salon Oslo, Oslo NO w/ Mark Steiner
Saturday, June 04 Musikkfest Olso at Sound of Mu, Oslo NO w/ Mark Steiner and his Problems
Thursday, June 09 House Concert, Turku FI
Friday, June 10 House Concert, Tampere FI
Saturday, June 11 House Concert, Helsinki FI
Sunday, June 12 Bar Loose , Helsinki FI
Wednesday, June 15 Fairbar, Århus DK
Thursday, June 16 Cafe Retro, Copenhagen DK
Friday, June 17 Southside Cavern, Stockholm SE with El Madrigal
Saturday, June 18 House Concert, Stockholm SE with El Madrigal
Tuesday, June 21 Fete de la Musique, Berlin DE
Wednesday, June 29 Pop-In, Paris FR
Friday, July 01 TBC, Edinburgh UK
Saturday, July 02 13th Note, Glasgow UK with w/ Mark Steiner and his Problems, Louise McVey and Cracks In The Concrete and How Garbo Died

Tuesday, May 10, 2011