Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Some days
I think these days
are lonely days
where no man's story
is every one's story
no time to dig
the gravity of others
too much living
craving, aching, wanting
we're all so
now, so white
and aware and soft
and autobiographical
that intelligence has given
bleeding birth to bright baby ignorance
while innocence
dangles useless and slop
from the womb
of The Before Time
and tossed aside
the wide eyed wonder
trembles hidden
a secret glint
too afraid to show itself
valueless under the scientific sun
a victim of all this evolution
and mourned
in the bottomless miseries
of the night's sullen mystery
in liquor's childhood
or sweet lies
woven in blankets of melody
which can only hint now
can no longer expose
or explore the never
never land
of new, of now of
and man
my secret wish
from me to you
is to burn myself
so hot
I turn (back) to ash
that you might disperse me
upon jurassic winds
free to find
the feeling of flight
or God or
the meaning of meaning itself
or something as simple
as the distilled essence
of being
everyone's story
and in that place
I might find
that Home
and Road

Monday, April 13, 2009

Well Worn Shoes.

Tell me that dream
in which 
I am a rich man.

I'd like to know
why the factories
closed down.

Explain to me
why I can't
feed my family.

And help me forget
well worn shoes.

All that I know
is I fight
with my lover.

I have to hide
because I owe
my brothers.

Tell me real clear
why I can't
help my sister.

And help me forget
well worn shoes.

I've heard that you
can die
from over eating.

But I'll never fear
oh so perfect death.

I'm smoking what
some guy
smoked before me.

And I'm living in
well worn shoes.

Last night I dreamed
that The Devil
came to see me.

He said, just say the word
and I'll make
you rich as well.

So tell me again
why I 
did refuse him
when I could be 
new shoes