Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not Poem.

Everyone is either

a writer or
a musician or
owns a cafe or
has a baby or
is buying a house or
is looking to further their career or
has just opened a bar or
is djing this weekend
or is friends with your friend
or has just hooked up or
has eaten at that place
isn't it AMAZING or
has just been published
or wook at the widdle pooochie
or has just returned
from Thailand
or France
or The States
or The Tour was great
or "we knew it was fate
as soon as we looked in each other's eyes"
or have just bought a car
or a brand new guitar
or this is my new place,
you like my yard?
You want some coke?
Really? Because,
I've given that shit up
like, ages ago,
did nothing for me.
Here's my painting
it's in that gallery
you know,
on Brunswick St,
and I'll be on TV
with The Band that
just made it,
they used to play at that
run down old pub
but they're good friends of mine
like, we hang out, you know?
Do you play?
Do you paint?
Do you cook?
Do you



gotta go.

Which I guess
is fine.

Don't want to be bitter.
Not bitter.

I just sometimes wonder

if anyone plays Dungeons & Dragons anymore.

Or Risk.

Or Trivial Pursuit.

That'd be cool.


  1. i like trivial pursuit and we play endless games of sorry, cleudo and scattergories at our house.

    we also have squatter, monopoly and risk, the game of worldwide domination with soldiers and everything.

    we don't try too hard to impress. we like our games down this way.

  2. Board games rock.

    As does dungeons & dragons.

    But the stigma attached is too much to admit.

    So I go to 'geek school'

  3. I'm in jail and they won't let us do any of that cool stuff. So board games is all we got. Last week a guy got killed with the Kerplunk sticks so they has taken them all away now.

  4. yes I do want some coke.