Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Message in a bottle.

We walked along the shore
beside the cliffs
and the faces of giants
watched as we strolled by,
their eyes birthing dusty rocks
which tumbled from the walls
and burst on the dry sand below.

Once The Ocean touched this place
I told her
and Once I thought to find you
within it.

But that was a long time ago.

I looked down at her
as she skipped beside me
her bright eyes
darting from cliff to sand
a Salty Sea
of Yellow Dust
which stretched out now
over the Horizon

further even

a golden memorial
littered with debris
dead smells
bone bleached memories
of a Past Life
destined now
to shrivel in a field
of one colour

Where did it go?
- she asked me

and stopped
we both paused
mid-stride and
imagination and maudlin
conspired with
the cruel and generous sun
to send a deep blue glimmer
across the parched earth
that mirage
was short lived
and I
unable to drown
merely walked a few steps


called Her
to me

c'mon, darlin'

I want you to see something

and my little angel
ran toward her father's arms
and we embraced

on the Ocean's Graveyard

and I pointed away from the Horizon
toward the Evergreen Forest
and said,

it doesn't matter anymore
where The Ocean went

what matters is

I found you
Somewhere Else.

And pointing toward the Forest
I whispered in her neck
Somewhere in There.

Home, she cried!
And turned to dust in my hand
That Future Love
as the Cold Green Water lapped my feet
here in The Present.

Home, I said to myself.

I turned my back on the Sea.
Climbed the cliffs.
 And headed for Home.


  1. Ever you are the beautiful romantic.

  2. More the sad panda, but thanks.