Sunday, December 27, 2009


Moulin Rouge.

Where mystery, romance and lust meet...

a party bus, ventriloquists, a tank filled with snakes and dancing minature ponies made to sit and beg as dogs, muscle men wearing leather bras, girls on the fourth show of the day lagging behind the other dancers, stealing champagne from the Japanese tourist's table beside me, everything so incredibly kitsch and bad, and so fucking hilariously good that it becomes one of the all time Greatest Experiences of my Life TM? ARE THEY TAKING THE PISS AND WHO EVEN CARES?

This will never happen again. The first time I sat through this show. It's taken me three days to even try to write about it, and in the end, I cannot find the words. Maybe, years from now, when I am a perverted Wrinkle Holder, something will come.

Wait, that didn't sound right...

And the teenage American girl who walks beside her mother as we collect our coats and says, "but...that was nothing LIKE the movie..."

Oh god. So bad it was fucking AMAZING.

Anyway, enough about things which are amazing, but which distract.

Because there's so much more...

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