Monday, March 3, 2008


I'm lying
on a beach,
under The Sun,
watching as
the waves crash boom
on the rocks close to shore
and I can see the patience
of them -
standing still,
her moods and
the tides of her

It's a good place
to spend a good day,
and I'm happy to watch
their affair,
to play the voyuer
and feel the salt spray
of her passion
on my face,
and feel his surrender
between my toes.

The Sun turns to me
and asks me what I feel
and what I believe
and what I think.

But it's like trying to write a song about Love,
all the words in my head seem shallow,
and my fingers just daydream across the strings,
and there's never an easy way to tell the rest of the world
how lucky you feel, to be yourself,
without sounding like you're one of the masses.

So I just look at him
and let him burn my eyes from ocean to fire
and his heat takes everything from me
until I just breathe
to the sound of her
love on the rocks



I stand in the shallows
and let her tug at my feet,
and that's when I know,

that I am ready to drown,


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