Monday, November 20, 2006

Time Travel and other uses for Dark Matter.

It is a well known fact in the world of Physics, that Heavy Objects have a tendency to "bend" Space-Time. Maybe this explains why fat people take longer to run around the block. Or take shortcuts. I'm not sure. Space-Time is this weird abstract concept that make scientists talk about clean sheets and bowling balls, or putting the sun on a giant trampoline. Scientists should leave the analogies to writers and get on with writing inexplicable equations proving that Black Holes are incredibly heavy and therefore drag shitloads of Space-Time into themselves. This morning I woke up and made a list of all the Black Holes in my life, and tried to make sense of which way I was being dragged. After I made the list, I screwed it up into a little dense mass and set it alight, as someone once told me to do. In the end, all that was left of the list was tiny particles of Dark Matter, the secret ingredient to Time Travelling. So I had already taken a step into the future, hadn't I? Relatively speaking.


Down the street it's hot and I dodge the fuckers that lazily zig-zag drunk on their own thoughts and stuck in the centre of their own galaxy. I have to avoid them gotta not touch them lest they contaminate me with malaise and menial masochistic meanderings. I've made a discovery I 've learnt a lesson and there's still a fucking galaxy tied around my feet but I can move faster now less gravity to the whole situation and the momentum is enough to keep this juggernaut on the move. Inertia had me never gonna let me free so I used the Laws of Judo and moved back in order to move forward. Now it's a slingshot effect. Bang voosh zoom get out of my way.


I always used my Lone Wolf jacket when I made mistakes. When I knew that Time Travel was impossible and there was no way to go back and fix that bridge. I put on my jacket, C. Thomas Howell and the Wolverines, and disappeared packless into the city. I could hide forever in this town, this forest. I could move without sound and sniff out what I desired and take it before it knew what had hit it, or I knew what I had hit. And every time I had a lonely sad thought about the consequences, I could hide it under my Lone Wolf jacket. That's how I made it so far. That's how my Black Holes never caught up with me. Shapeshifter / Doppleganger / I learned to see my own. To gravitate toward them. It's physics. Electro-magnetism.


I am living in a tangled jungle / oppressive heat and wet sticky floor quicksand which can take a man like that / GOTCHA / animals / beasts / beats thrum thrum be dum / I hide in the trees and swing whenever I can / I am black coated sleek and dangerous / I am hungry for blood / I am licking my lips / I am tired / I am hungry / I need a scratch behind the ears and a place of shade / I need water / I close my eyes and the last thing I see is the canopy.


Dopplegangers are masters of The Art of Camouflage.
I know, I was one.
But there are far more beautiful creatures out there than a shape shifter.
So it's hunting time now.


  1. Your BLOGS are very nice and all the stapes also well.
    But i also give a segation-

  2. I am sorry for my art honesty. I was taught to always be honest about art, because otherwise, it's a waste of time. Your time, the artist's time, the whole thing.
    I like Outre Gallery's stuff generally. I hung out in their gallery in Sydney a few weeks ago, they had some great stuff.
    Don't let me put you off.
    (At least you didn't paint it. I always like your writing and you are one of the 3 people in the whole world I have ever sent fan mail to, so be flattered).

  3. I am VERY flattered. Now tell me what the fuck that guy above is talking about???

    I like your art honesty by the way, isn't that the only way?


  4. oh good *phew*. I have probably pissed off enough artistics in my life time already.
    They are a sensitive bunch.

    But yeah, Stapes.


    My brain hurts.

    If you're gonna spam, at least make your spam make some sense.

    BTW more interestingly: time travel. I like this topic. I am still trying to understand it.