Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Cold empty days as today
waiting for pay
my poverty lounges upon my shoulders
in conceited repose
a half sucked and damp cigarette
in its mouth
reminding me of the glorious day
when I saw beneath a table outside a cafe
at lunch
a tailor made
teasing me to take it
come get me big boy
it crooned
as the wind rocked it gently
to and fro
its hypnotic dance
a seductive show
for me to prove oh just how low
a man might stoop
or in my mind
another voice still
casts away mere opinion of them
for survival of my want
(more than need)
anyway I nant I weed that cigarette
it's lunch
and the white beach carrion
- buoys in the water and gulls leaning and preening -
spread rubbish across the sand and tables
and everyone is blinded but I can see it
an empty pack upon the table
and this treasure which has spilled unseen
and come to rest beneath an empty chair
will I sit
there and extend the act
perhaps I could use my nonchalance as feat achieved
I think no one noticed
so I'll take my leave
better faster sleight o' hand
without thinking
is what I'll do
I can
and I did
I walked straight past
I leaned down I grabbed it
Dunhill I noticed that
keep walking
someone saw
it's okay
I'm gone now
out of their life
a tiny instant thought
that man
he picked up
that cigarette
how disgusting
so I wait at least a block or two
in fact
I walk to outside my work
so that my colleagues
can see how well to do I am
with my fancy tailored cigarette
the golden bands and elegant font
which midas like turn my
fingers and teeth
to Gold.

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  1. thanks for the comment fine sir! ahah although im rather embarrassed you read my ramblings =/. things are less than 'él grande' but hey, thats what makes shit worthwile right? :) love your work x