Sunday, January 3, 2010


How is it that everything can be going so right? That even when I think I may have burned all my luck, Angels appear to hold my hand, and help me continue along this Path. I cry as I walk toward Jaures, toward the Buttes Chaumont, because the sun is on me, in so many ways and I cannot remember The Universe and I being so in synch.

My cousin comes through for me at the last minute. Unapproached. She swings in from Left of Stage with that Dooley Psychic Know How and sets things right for me in ways that I won't go into here. Suffice to say, this is a lesson to be learned now. Early in the year. Part 2 of what was taught last year. That none of this would have happened without friends and family. And it's time for me to not be such a hermit when it comes to sharing the Love. It's time to Reach Out, as far as I can stretch, and never forget, just how far this Beautiful Family can go if we all step together.

I hook up with Nomi Fuz, my sister's ex and true friend from years ago, who is living in Paris, and as soon as I see her and she hugs me, huge waves of glee start washing over me. We talk and talk and talk over coffee, and I am a man dying of thirst who finds fresh water, I talk so fast I almost drown myself in enthusiasm. It feels like the first conversation I've had in years, not because I haven't spoken to anyone, but because we are both so in awe of where we are, how we are, who we are...this girl, this girl who I have loved for years purely for the True Friendship she always showed my sister, ends up becoming such an inspiration to me, and I to her, that I feel humbled by The Universe, again and again, for allowing me this New Friend. And I am able to actually express this to her, without sounding overly wet or cheesy.
I mean we lift each other up with our stories and we share positivity and Hope and say, YEAH! and WOO!, a lot...just like my friends at Home. My cheeks hurt with Awesome. Is this what it feels to be on the Right Path?

And all this, the day before Paris begins again.

Which is 12 hours...


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  1. Things are changing, for the better. Happy for you.