Sunday, January 10, 2010

C'est fini.

That's all I have to say about that. The last week...the last week is mine and hers to cherish forever. A Dream Come True, a Fairytale. The single greatest week of my life. And I will take what The Universe so graciously gave and turn the Heat into a Fire to fuel the year ahead.

There is such joy, if you are True to yourself. Such Bliss in an open heart, an honest grin and a wonder filled gaze.

I sit in the heat, drinking a cold beer, and sharing my memories with True Friends. We talk about Important Things, and the need to stay True to The Path. And there is nothing but Honest Optimism, and we all feel it, we all take hold of it, we all silently, internally, vow to make the Necessary Changes. And this time, it is Real.

And as we walk back to the car, The Universe lays a punchline on me. Two people, so terrified, ashamed, or simply Vacant, who have to cross the street and hide their faces when they spy me dancing and giggling on the sidewalk. And I laugh and laugh and laugh, and call out to them, smiling, Wide Open, though cheeky, to be sure...and they scurry and crab sideways into their own shadow...and life lives on, as it does, and my friends and I drive back to our blissful Home, drinking in the music which pours melodic and inebriating from the speakers, high on the chorus, and sated by the warm key changes of 70s rock. Yeah, baby, yeah.

Oh man, Life can be so fucking amazing.

This Universe. This hilariously breathtaking Universe.

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